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A day in the life of Penny Joelson

In my house, early mornings are busy with everyone getting ready and we only have time for a quick breakfast alongside Heart Radio.
Once my husband’s at work, the children are at school and I have the house to myself, I like to start the day by writing. I am a morning person! At the moment I’m editing my new YA mystery novel, ‘Things the Eye Can’t See’ which will be published on July 9th. The final draft (that’s the third) is now ready and it should (I hope!) be tweaks and line edits from this point on. I’m also thinking about ideas for my next book! Walking helps with this and is my main form of exercise too. I like a country walk or a walk in my local park but more often I find myself walking to Sainsbury’s!

For developing ideas, walking alone is best but I also enjoy regular walks with my friend Emma and a good natter. Writing is work I do alone at home so it’s good to have company. Another way I have company is my weekly writer’s workshop where I meet with other authors and we give each other feedback on work in progress.

Today it’s a quick walk as I’m visiting a nearby school – Bishops Hatfield Girls School – to run a workshop for thirty Year 7s and give a talk to Year 7 and 8. Back home it’s time for a late lunch and a cup of tea. I sometimes do more writing after lunch but today I’m in need of a rest – I have to pace myself as I’m still mildly affected by ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I listen to Woman’s Hour (Radio 4) on BBC Sounds, where I sometimes get inspiration for new story ideas.

Then it’s school pick up time and I’m helping my daughter to make sock-cats for a school project. These are cute! Search sock cats on YouTube if you fancy having a go! I enjoy cooking – it’s vegetable chilli tonight and I find my characters are talking away in my head
while I cook.

Next I’m off to take my daughter to trampolining. Then my husband and I read with the children before they go to bed. My daughter is enjoying Roald Dahl’s The Twits and my son is reading Things the Eye Can’t See. He is nearly 12 and is giving me valuable constructive criticism.

Now I can relax for a bit of TV with my husband. We enjoy, among other things… yes, you guessed –a good thriller! We’re currently watching the true crime drama White House Farm. And then I’m off to bed to read for pleasure. I’m currently reading Catching Teller Crow – a
wonderful YA aboriginal crime/ghost story by Ambelin & Ezekiel Kwaymullina.

Good night! @pennyjoelson