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Create a reading community – and win prizes!

We have spent more time than ever in our houses this past year, but books provide a way to travel without leaving our rooms. Books and reading are also a brilliant way of connecting with friends and family even if we can’t spend time together. Here are some ideas for building a reading community, online and in person.

  • Find out more about what your friends and classmates have been reading to help you pick your next book.
  • Challenge your friends and family to recommend their perfect read for finding out about the world we live in… or escaping it entirely!
  • Start writing that book – use our Author & Illustrator Academy videos to give you hints and tips, and talk to your friends for inspiration.
  • Discover more about this year’s World Book Day £1 authors with our online previews – and discuss them with your friends. Which book will you choose this year?
  • Organise a regular Zoom call or set up a WhatsApp group to talk about books and reading with your friends and family. Choose a specific book or just talk about what attracts you to – or puts you off – certain books.
  • Get more inspiration through World Book Day’s research project on The Power of Books.

If these conversations spark some ideas or recommendations please share them with us on social media using #WorldBookDay or by contacting us on [email protected]


Show Your Shares and win prizes!

We want to know how you are creating your reading communities so we’re asking you to share with us your photos that show how you are sharing reading – whether that’s online, in person or even on your phone!

Our Show Your Shares competition is running for the month of World Book Day, with prizes given out every week for the best story shares with a different theme. Will you and your friends help to influence others to read in a new way? Find out how to enter at from 17 February.

World Book Day is a charity funded by publishers and booksellers in the UK and Ireland.