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World Book Day Social after dark readalongs

Don’t worry if you missed our after dark readalongs that took place around World Book Day as you can still join in! Why not set up your own book club or instigate a readalong in class?

Here’s how it works… To take part, download the questions and guidelines using the links below for Muhammad Khan’s Split or Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth: Road Trip!. Cut out the questions and put them in the right places in the books and then set everyone off reading at the same time. When you get to a question, stop and discuss before moving on to the next. It’s a great way to be sociable and have fun reading together!

OR, if you didn’t get a chance to pick up your £1 book, why not choose a book from our POWER LIST to read together during your virtual book club and challenge each person to come up with a question as you read? You can use the guidelines and questions below for inspiration.

Split by Muhammad Khan, published by Macmillan

A day can change everything. Fifteen-year-old Salma Hashbi has been caught with her boyfriend in a totally humiliating misunderstanding. Instantly accused of being easy, she is shunned by everyone at school, shamed by her community and worst of all, has disappointed her mum.

Enough is enough and Salma decides to fight back against the prejudice and rumours, and audition for the role of her dreams. But on the hottest day of the year, with everything against her, can Salma make it in time and show the world who she really is?

A powerful story of standing up and standing out, written exclusively for World Book Day 2020 by the Branford Boase Award-winning Muhammad Khan.

Download the readalong questions & guidelines
Listen to the Reading is Power podcast with Muhammad Khan

The Kissing Booth: Road Trip! by Beth Reekles, published by Penguin Random House

Everyone knows it’s TOUGH having a long-distance relationship – especially when your boyfriend is as sizzlingly hot as Noah Flynn. Elle’s thrilled her badboy-turned good has made it into Harvard, but being stuck back in California isn’t much fun without him. So there’s only one thing for it . . . a road trip to visit! And what could be better than packing up your best buddy’s convertible, heading out on Route 66, and looking for fun and adventure along the way? Maybe only the person waiting for you at the other end . . .

Download the readalong questions & guidelines
Listen to the Reading is Power podcast with Beth Reekles

World Book Day is a charity funded by publishers and booksellers in the UK and Ireland.